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call me any time free of charge.our avaiable puppiesour 5 year written health wrtyour adopted shorkiescontact me


Welcome To Our Site

Home of the wonderful mix breed of Shih tzu and Yorkie

Many puppy parents have asked us What is a Shorkie Tzu? So we have decided to dedicate this page to answer the question.

A Shorkie Tzu or what some breeders call shorkies are a cross between a shiht zu mom and a yorkie dad.

Some Shorkie Tzu's are bred from standard parents and some are breed from parents that are under the standard or even bigger then the standard.

Shorkie Tzu's are very loving and loyal to their humane family they get along with other animals as well. Shorkie tzu are very friendly and non aggressive. The shorkie tzu makes the perfect companion dogs.

Shorkie Tzu's come in many colors. But their colors can change as they grow and get bigger.

 We offer shorkie tzu's in Chocolate, red, black, gold, black with tan. to name just a few colors we have to offer our puppy parents.

Our Dedication is not only to the Shorkie tzu's we help produce but also to our puppy parents and the families we let adopt one of our shorkie tzu's.

As a responsible breeder it is my passion to strive to help produce the best puppies I can. My puppies are genetically sound, the best temperament, and conform to the Shorkie Club Of America breed standard.  I am proud to be a member of the SCA. Our puppies are the cutest puppies around! They are friendly, happy, loving and polite little dogs. Our puppies are extremely healthy and live to be 13-16 years of age. When breeding a litter of puppies great care is taken when selecting my moms and dads. I breed only the best adults each one of our babies and adults are a credit to the breed. Our babies are the best little puppies around

 Our babies are raised in my home. Our puppies have the sweetest dispositions, and loving temperaments. We welcome you to pick up your puppy once he or she is big enough to join their new family. We feel it is to everyone's advantage if you can personally meet your breeder when possible.  

What is a shorkie  shih tzu mix puppy yorkie mix puppy for sale. Some breeders call them shih tzu mix puppies. Some breeders say a shorkie tzu is a shih tzu and yorkie mix puppies.

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